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Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

Visual content gets more following and sharing compared to other types of content. This is why such platforms as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are prevalent. You can find it beneficial to get more Instagram followers since you will reach more people. Find out what to do to attract more Instagram followers in this article.

You can increase your Instagram following by telling stories. Telling stories has been a means of making sense of different things over many generations. While the mediums through which people tell stories do change, the stories themselves are very effective in encouraging participation. Using Instagram stories can be an excellent way for you to keep your audience engaged. One in every five-story views will result in a direct message from your audience. Using relevant location features and hashtags can help you make your Instagram stories more effective in bringing you new followers.

Interacting with relevant accounts another thing that you need to do to get many Instagram followers. You will find it helpful when you follow others in your community or industry and engage with their posts. When you like them, there is a good chance that they will like you back. Discover more about Instagram likes on this site. Keep off the temptation to give generic compliments so that you want to be mistaken for a bot.

You can increase your Instagram following by tagging others. You can combine both the tagging function and the @ mentions so that you can capture the attention of users who will likely connect with your brand. Not only will they get a notification, but they can easily share your posts with their followers, and this can increase your views.

Be sure to use hashtags on your Instagram. Even though some hashtags are not pleasing to users, you can choose yours carefully so that they are attractive. Tapping into trends can be of help, but avoid doing it just for the sake. Don’t be afraid of creating a custom hashtag and using it consistently while still encouraging your followers to use it. You can come up with branded hashtags that you will always use, or create new ones for a particular occasion, season, or promotion.

Contests can also help you get many Instagram followers. You can ask your followers to submit pictures, captions of your photos, to suggest the best hashtag, or to use your products creatively. You can choose to pick the winners yourself or have a popularity contest for it. You can go ahead and award winners with discounts, freebies, gifts, and even provide a grand prize.